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Tour de Fyrfasen

2018-01-10 16:57
Tour de Fyrfasen Hede, Vemdalen, Åsarna & Ytterhogdal supplied 3 great days of ski competitions January 5-7th.
  • Uppdaterad: 2018-01-10 17:01

4 Tullus athletes competed for Tullus SG in Hede & 3 completed the whole tour.  Sixten Andersson in H10, Vincent Grein in H15, Jonna Hangasjärvi in D16 (Hede) & Aksel Halvarsson in H16.

Sixten held onto his 10th place start in the final pursuit competition in Ytterhogdal.  Sixten was 6th among J/H skiers.

In the Åsarna mass start, classic style competition, Vincent had the bad luck of starting last in the 3rd row, but strong skiing gave him a 5th place finish there.  Vincent lost one position in the pursuit and finished 5th (3rd among J/H skiers). 

Jonna had decided to only compete in Hede & placed 12th (5th among J/H skiers.)

After a fall in Åsarna (with 3 other skiers) and subsequent 13th place finish there, Aksel had too much of a time penalty to compete for a podium position.  Aksel held onto his 8th place in the pursuit (4th among J/H skiers).

Skribent: Wayne Grein



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