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Järpen supplied 3 snowy days

2018-01-08 17:33
Järpen supplied 3 snowy days of ski competitions December 27-29.
  • Uppdaterad: 2018-01-08 17:39

Three Tullus athletes competed for Tullus SG in the Järpenjakten & Järpensprinten December 27th & 28th.  Sixten Andersson in H10, Vincent Grein in H15 & Aksel Halvarsson in H16.  1 podium finish achieved, and very good results considering it was their first classic ski race & classic sprint for the season.  Sixten finished seventh in the sprint.  Vincent advanced 2 places in the pursuit and finished 5th.  Aksel made it to the final in the sprint and finished 3rd.

Friday was the relay competition with Vincent & Aksel competing in H15-16.  There was also a relay competition for parents/leaders and after the promise of a bag of chips to all who finish the race, Jens & Wayne decided to compete for Tullus SG.  Since Tullus SG is a biathlon club, Jens & Wayne competed with fake Biathlon weapons.  Even though it appeared that the start, exchange and finish were all at the same elevation, due to a strange cosmic event (that I am unable to explain), the 15 000 dm course was uphill the whole way.  Wayne skied the first leg and after going out too hard, he was exhausted after 5000 dm.  As more and more teams passed Wayne, he gathered enough strength to hold onto 16th place when he came into his shooting.  Due to the need of an extra shot, Wayne sent Jens out in last place.  With great skiing (possibly the fastest leg), Jens quickly regained the coveted second last spot and came into his shooting with a comfortable lead from last place.  Due to the use of all 3 extra shots and a penalty round, Jens crossed the finish line in last place.  During the victory ceremony, the team that finished 2nd last expressed their gratitude to Jens & Wayne for allowing them to not finish last.  The feeling of being able to give another team such joy is so strong, that Jens & Wayne are considering competing again next year, in order to give other teams the joy of not finishing last. 

Without the possibility of placing worse than their fathers, Vincent & Aksel could start their relay relaxed & without pressure.  With the strange cosmic event now over, the start, exchange and finish were back at the same elevation & the 2,5km course was both uphill & downhill.  Vincent had an OK first classic leg and exchanged to Aksel in 6th place.  With the fastest classic leg of all competitors, Aksel exchanged to Vincent as 3rd.  Vincent had a much better freestyle leg and exchanged to Aksel as 3rd.  Due to a ski boot problem, Aksel could not ski full speed and was unable to catch the 2nd place team and could not shake the 4th place team.  The Funäsdalen team did like Petter Northug and slipstreamed Aksel on the last downhill into the finish, glided past & took 3rd place.

3 great days in Järpen & a great job by the waxing team.

Skribent: Wayne Grein



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